Gardener Oracle
Linking outside data to smart contracts

Gardener Oracle securely transfers information from external data sources to any blockchain.

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Connects to smart contracts

Empower your smart contracts to access vital data.

Ensures transparency

Based on an MIT license, Gardener open-source oracle ensures cryptographic transparency. It's ready to incorporate in your project in the way you want.

Uses modular architecture

Gardener is uses hexagonal architecture — any changes and adaptations are easy to implement.

About Gardener

Gardener fetches external data for blockchain smart contracts

Gardener connects the security and immutability of data on blockchains with the access to information found in standard networks. It enables a secure and easy way to request outside data to a smart contract. Gardener is open-source and easily deployed to existing infrastructure and improves current methods of proving data security and validity. While the calculations are securely performed on an external server, the blockchain structure maintains an unchangeable record of transactions.
Use cases include random number generation for the games industry, sensor data for energy marketplaces, and financial data for futures and derivatives markets

How it works

Via one or more off-chain servers, Gardener listens for requests from smart contracts. It then fetches and parses requested data.

If needed, Gardener open-source oracle also filters the parsed data before sending back to the smart contract. It also allows users to schedule their requests in the future.

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